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Where the Long Grass BlowsBill Canavan Rode Into The Valley With A Dream To Start His Own Ranch But When He Managed To Stake Claims On The Three Best Water Holes, The Other Ranchers Turned Against Him.No One Is Determined To See Canavan Dead Than Star Levitt Levitt Is An Unscrupulous Businessman Who Has Been Accumulating Cattle At An Alarming Rate Suspicious After Witnessing A Secret Meeting Between The Riders Of Warring Ranches, Bill Begins Noticing Other Dubious Behavior Why Is Levitt S Fianc E, Dixie Venable, Acting Like A Hostage Than A Willing Bride To Be Canavan Doesn T Have Much Time To Figure Out What S Going On The Entire Valley Is Against Him, And Everyone Is Ready To Shoot On Sight.

!!> Reading ➽ Where the Long Grass Blows ➶ Author Louis L'Amour – Pccare247.us
  • ebook
  • 224 pages
  • Where the Long Grass Blows
  • Louis L'Amour
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9780553900224

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    When I crave a visit to the rough Western frontier and a colorful story about the people of the West, I reach for a Louis L amour book often than not I get a real sense of time and place and a man of the moment from his stories I was so glad to see his books being produced for audio so I could appreciate them in a whole new way.Jason Culp was a first time narrator for me, but I thought he did a great job telling a western story with its variety of western characters and their situations Most of the characters are male and he gave them individual vocal mannerisms that fit what the story seemed to say about them There were only a couple female voices which were well enough I thought he really captured the spirit of L amour s writing.The hero in this story has turned a corner in his life and decided that he needs to stop drifting and settle into one place for the long haul Canavan has been many things and his life was shaped by hard experiences that honed him He selects a ranching valley with all that he wants in land and circumstances There s ...

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    I can t help it, I just love Louis L Amour Every once in a while I get an aching for some good old fashioned cowboy wrangling That s when I go to L amour His novels are quick, full of action, written with clarity and realism When I read one of his books I honestly feel that I m in the Old West The dust, the cattle, the dry heat, the smooth talkingI m right there in the middle of it Perhaps it s all those John Wayne movies I watched with my Grandpa, but I m part cowgirl at heart.Bill Canavan is a man on a mission He s taken the lay of the land and is ready to plant roots and settle down H...

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    I m so grateful to Random House for continuing to record L Amour s titles, to give them the new lease on life they deserve, to be read and reread The story line doesn t differ much from the standard a lone cowboy with principles rides into a valley to stake his claim, only to find himself at odds with the other ranchers, mostly former rustlers And there s another problem in the valley with a businessman whose herd seems to be growing faster than it should There s also a youn...

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    Just as laconic as his characters are, Louis L Amour can t be counted on to provide comic relief or illustrative digressions He s the complete antithesis of someone like Neal Stephenson whose writing entails a great deal of what some might consider unnecessary prose, but which nonetheless serves to advance the story and character development, even if it doesn t seem that way when being initially read.I don t think I have strong preferences one way or the other I ve been a fan of Stephenson s work for years, and I m becoming a fan of L Amour I generally like serious material to be leavened with humor, but in comparatively narrow novels like this one, it s not a major consideration And here I mean narrow in terms of physical width, not depth of subject matter Bill Canavan is as interesting a character as any of the others I ve read so far, but his motives are a bit murkier, at least at first So far I haven t found any true villains or antiheroes among his protagonists, but I m only four books into his catalog This is a bit longer than the previous offerings, and has a somewhat complex storyline It was written something like 20 years after the other titles I ve reviewed, so I suppose his writing had to evolve over time, perhaps to avoid revisiting previous subject matter.One thing that is increasingly obvious about his st...

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    A nicely crafted, and plotted out tale.A looming cattle and territory war.Yet which factions, really worked together Behind the scenes, an outlaw element.Looking to cash in, with members in each, faction looking for dominance.Fairly realistic characters With the main character.Riding into the middle of it all.To stake his own claims While trying to untangle.Who he can trust, and who was really working for whom.Bill Canavan is seasoned Yet human enough to know...

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    This was another excellent story by Louis L Amour His hero s are brave, honest, hard working and chivalrous and he villains deserve their rewards The women are courageous, strong, independent and resourceful Not wilting wall flowers as so many writers tend to paint them...

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    A new favoriteI don t know what it is that L Amour describes in these books, but it stirs the same feeling in me as Call of the Wild and other London books Bill s desire for home and his own range is infectious, and you root for him from the first page.

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    Sometimes between my serious reading I pick a Western I was able to begin this book and finish it in one day The author is brilliant in providing good plots and characters This recreational ready was enjoyable for Sunday If you like Westerns, this is a good one in the L Amour tradition.

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    I won this book in Goodreads giveaway and this is my honest review.He sure writes a good story You can just imagine the time and place I liked the audio book version It was well read by Jason Culp Makes it easy to listen to sitting in traffic.

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    a good book.

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