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Going with Gabriel Going With Gabriel Is About A Man S Flight From His Own, Frighteningly Important Scientific Discovery Into What Is For Him A New World A World Of Music And The Power Of Music It Is Also About That Man S Conscience And About Freedom And The Lack Of It And About Love And The Lack Of Love Having Left Behind His Past Life Gabriel Can Keep Moving With His New Friend Sonny Ojitsu But Can He Preserve His Anonymity Along The Open Road Not If A Celebrity Obsessed Media Has Anything To Do With It Definitely Not If They Should Get To Hear The Faintest Echo Of Doctor Gabriel Nicolson S Abandoned Science.

[Read] ➻ Going with Gabriel  ➸ Bryan Islip – Pccare247.us
  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • Going with Gabriel
  • Bryan Islip
  • English
  • 10 April 2019
  • 9780955519314

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    Won this from a giveaway I haven t received it yet, I assume it ll arrive sometime in the new year, but I m looking forward to it Looks interesting.Note this has now arrived, signed by the author I ll try...

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    I was fortunate enough to win this in a Goodreads giveaway and generously received a copy signed by the author.The style of prose in Going With Gabriel is elegantly poetic and flowing, but without ever becoming inaccesible Reading it was akin in the feelings it provoked to listening to a Bob Dylan album The freedom that the protagonist had, lost and craved was beautifully evoked until it became almost a character in its own right the same can be said for the music It made me want to go out and travel the world with nothing to rely on except my music In addition to being lyrically written, the book also contained elements of a thriller novel and later on, even the science fiction genre The twists and turns of the plot as Gabriel tried to escape his new found fame and the discovery of his former life kept me rivete Although I did enjoy taking my time to read this novel as I felt there was a lot to take in and absorb.I found the about last one quarter of the book to be a marked contrast to the story that preceded it When Gabriel first finds himself in Farland, it left me with a sense of soul crushing oppression and desolation The rules of the place also smacked of Nazi like eugenics and discrimination, although this aspect of the Farlands is never deeply explored As Gabriel a character I had been led to believe valued his freedom above all settled happily into his new home I...

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    Won this in a GR giveaway and was very glad I did It follows the story of Gabriel, a wandering musician, and his friend Sonny who travel across Britain and Ireland playing to small crowds in pubs, bus stations and wherever else the mood takes, until a record producer records them, and sets them on the road to fame In the meantime Gabriel s past as a genetic scientist begins to catch up with him as BIO Corp takes an interest in his work with PXP, a genetically modified virus that results in permanent infertility in humans This leads him and his friends on a path through intrigue, conspiracy and moral dilemma as he tries to keep out of the limelight, get rid of his past and those interested in it and settle into a normal life.The contrast between Gabriel the music man and Gabriel the scientist is interesting and at times they seem like two completely different men The competing desires of these two sides of Gabriel s character reflect on the competing desires of every person on Earth and of humanity as a whole This book raises many issues about mankind and how it lives and uses ...

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    I recieved this in the post today with great excitment I just love the cover and the feel of the book.So far I have read only about 5 pages and looking forward to reading of it very soon So now I have finished reading the book this is what I thought of it First of all I would like to thank the author as I won this book on Goodreads I also like the idea of having won a book and being able to read a different type of book than you would normally read I found the idea behind the book really interesting, but the actual reading of the book hard going I personaly fo...

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    I found this to be a slow going book and there were a lot of parts that didn t need to be there However, I loved Gabriel the main character , he was interesting and had a great perspective on life I was really busy when I read this and I tried to rush through it which is probably why I didn t enjoy it much I ll try reading it again soon Gabriel has been trying very hard to escape from the frightening reality of his own scientific discovery into what is for him in a new world his preferred world, th...

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    First of all I liked the concept but the book didn t grab me The character of Gabriel has carried out unethical medical experiments in the past, unleashing a sterilising disease onto the world Yet this is supposedly a likeable charcter that feels no guilt nor is he an evil villain that we can hate The whole musical genius part seems to be a drawn out vehicle to get Gabriel noticed by the press I found those parts boring and he could have just as easily got in the papers fo...

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    I really enjoyed reading this book I liked the concept The idea that someone could introduce a virus that would sterilize everyone is something that could really happen It really makes you think I like the way the book ended It really wasn t what I expected Its hard to say how great this book was without spoiling it for anyone I won t...

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    I finally got done with this one I stuck it out, but I really didn t enjoy it very much The topic is interesting global population control by means of sterilization obtained through sexual intercourse Hmmm given the promiscuity across many of the world s cultures, this could work However, there is really no plot to the story, the...

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    Another book that I won on Goodreads Very interesting concept, but could have left the section where Gabriel went to Farland for another book It was almost as if too much information was being put into the book There are a few typos still, but this was an unedited version that I was allowed to r...

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    I won this book through a first reads giveaway.OK, quick review Intriguing idea, OK story Sentence structure a bit over the top sometimes LOADS of spelling mistakes, not proof read properly

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