Read ✓ Facing Fear (S.A.S.S., #2) By Gennita Low –

Facing Fear (S.A.S.S., #2) In This Sizzling Romantic Suspense, The Popular Author Of Into Danger Brings Together A Woman With No Past With A Man Who Has Given Up On His Future.Rick Harden, CIA S Task Force Operations Chief, Made A Mistake Ten Years Ago And His Wife Paid The Ultimate Price He Is Content To Be Out Of Field Work And Instead Play The Bureaucratuntil His Superior Is Arrested For Treason, And A Woman Resembling His Dead Wife Arrives On The Scene.Nikki Taylor Is A Woman With No Past, Having Lost Part Of Her Memory In A Field Operation Gone Wrong But Her Superiors Promised They Would Help Her Find Her Past, If She Would Do Them One Job Find Out If Rick Harden Is In League With The Traitor Knowing She Resembles Rick S Late Wife, Nikki Embarks On A Dangerous Game Of Seduction That Will Be Than Either Of Them Bargained For.

Read ✓ Facing Fear (S.A.S.S., #2)  By Gennita Low –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Facing Fear (S.A.S.S., #2)
  • Gennita Low
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
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    10 thoughts on “Read ✓ Facing Fear (S.A.S.S., #2) By Gennita Low –

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    OK, I tried with this author, but obviously we just don t mesh well The first book I barely got through, but I thought I give her 2nd book a try No such luck I couldn t even finish it If a book does not grab my attention by the first 100 pages, I m not wasting my time I can t really describe why I didn t like it, except that I just could not get into the book to save my life I think the book has all the necessary ingredients, it just didn t flow very well to me Someone on another site com OK, I tried with this author, but obviously we just don t mesh well The f...

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    This is my all time favorite book I ve read Although, it is second in a series of five books This is the order 1 Into Danger 2 Facing Fear 3 The Protector 4 The Hunter 5 Sleeping with the Agent I loved all 5 and they are always within reach for re reads Facing Fear has a very touching Love story The Hero, Rick, is alpha male but is very capable of showing his love which many alpha male s have trouble The Heroine, Nikki, is kick ass but also incredible smart and has her vulnerable side This is my all time favorite book I ve read Although, it is second in a series of five books This is th...

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    I want to like these books so much The characters are great and there s plenty of action I think the problem is that the books are too long There are 2 3 climaxes in the story and after the first I m mentally finished with the book..but wait There s 200 pages left I also get lost in the intrigue that happens throughout the book Double agents, infiltrators, GEM, COS.....

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    Rick hasn t really been living for the past ten years not since his wife was taken captive and then killed during a failed CIA operation But that s not the real story by a long shot And when his wife shows up very much alive the mystery and the danger deepen even .I m really enjoying ...

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    Nikki can t remember her lifethan 10 years ago She s working with the CIA and Rick seems familiar, but from where Rick lost his beloved wife 10 years ago and Nikki is the spitting image How is this possible T...

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    Exactly as the blurb describes Good read Engaging, twisting, and every bit as suspenseful with CIA laden intricacies Powerful, yet this daunting romance duels with the complicated suspense gives the reader a whole new outlook on fear 2.5 5 stars though.

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    I loved this book She had me hooked from the very first page, and I love the way she draws her readers into the plot She combines plenty of heat and emotion along with a healthy dose of intrigue and danger, so she s one of my favorites If you haven t read any of her romantic supsense, get on it

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    oooolaaaaa laaaa the shower scene.

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    This one wasn t one of my favorites by her, it was way too political, not enough action for me But it was still really good, very emotional between the hero and heroine.

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    Just couldn t get into it.

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