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SweetbloodLucy Szabo Thinks She Knows Where The Myth Of Vampires Came From She S Sure That That The First Vampires Ever Were Dying Diabetics And She Should Know She S Diabetic Herself When She Gets Involved With Draco, A Self Proclaimed Real Vampire She Meets In A Transylvania Chat Room, Her World Starts To Crash Down Around Her Soon, Her Whole Life Grades, Relationships And Health Are Spiralling Dangerously Out Of Control Lucy Needs To Make Some Important Choices To Take Back Control Of Her Life But Is It Already Too Late

!!> Read ➮ Sweetblood ➲ Author Pete Hautman – Pccare247.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Sweetblood
  • Pete Hautman
  • English
  • 23 April 2019
  • 9781442407558

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    I read this for a project in a young adult lit class I thought this book sounded like it could be great, I liked the vampire diabetes theory However, I was disappointed in the one dimensional way it portrayed the gothy kids and it s moralistic tone The ending was a little too go comformity for me.

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    Lucy is a bright teenager who is angry about having diabetes dominate her life.I thought Hautman did a good job balancing a realistic portrayal of Lucy s angst with the reality that both she and her parents were partly responsible for the problems, hard feelings, etc At least, I thought thought this until the ending where the author pulls this ridiculous parental fantasy bait and switch and oh yes, just stop wearing black and dying your hair and do well in school and conform with what your teachers and parents want, and everything is fine This especially pissed me off because Hautman had clearly shown throughout the book that her parents were not not very sensitive and handled issues with their daughter poorly Her teachers seemed to over react in unrealistic ways a historical research paper about vampire is grounds for your parents needing to meet with the principal and the student having to see a shrink In my school that was for kids who had drug problems, not goth tendencies That s why I use the phrase parental fantasy I just don t understand my teenager But it is totally her fault because she won t dress and do her hair the way I want l...

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    This book sucks Hated all of the characters in the book Definitely hated the main character Hated the fact she was a goth oh no, wait, she isn t, right , and hated the fact that it was another shitty vampire novel Why can t I ever read about good vampire novels these days What s with all the horribleness that takes away the mystique vibe from vampire theme books I really want them to burn.Lucy Szabo is a 16 year old with diabetes She is another angsty character that you CAN T relate to She s got an attitude problem and dresses in gothic wardrobe however, she isn t GOTHIC If you even dare calling her that, she will think you re stupid Stupid is what stupid does, Lucy.Anyways, in the novel, she proclaims herself as a vampire because she has diabetes and needs machines in order to live She thinks of herself as the undead and brags about how she knows all this vampire history on internet chatrooms She says people tells her she s smart I say she needs therapeutic help.There s this one loser over the internet chatroom that she has been speaking to awhile and considers him a smart, knowledgeable, vampire crazed being just like her Draco I know, sounds lame and laughable is his name Vampires and catching little girls over the internet is his game With all the vampire madness, Lucy s social life falls She starts to suck at school, she s being a total bitch to her parents, and her ...

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    A rather fantastic book about being a pissed off diabetic teen, in some ways a bit like reliving high school except I didn t have nearly as many quality snarky comments as Lucy does and at no point did vampires figure into my life And at one point while reading my blood sugars went low while her s were also low so everything got a bit trippy.Some notes This is not actually a vampire book, if you want blood sucking fiends you should read something else As far as reading quality goes this book would get 4 stars from me, it s 5th star is purely due to my connection with the character which if you aren t diabetic you might not have.I would say this is one of the most realistic depictions of diabetic teen life, but aside from this I can only think of 2 books really series because I think the characters both appeared in multiple books that had a d...

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    After enjoying his newest book, I grabbed this off the public library shelf and glanced at the first page, only intending to see what it was about before I lined up my library books for reading, and I got swept up by his prose, once again deftly transparent I was lost in the story within seconds This is a YA novel about a angsty girl with Type I diabetes who is flailingly angry about it and not sure where to put the anger Add a vampire chatroom, a creepy stalker guy who throws goth parties, and a rebellion that entails her ceasing to check her blood sugar, and you have quite a Disaster Stew It threw me back to being a bright angsty teen he really nailed the emotional state Don t believe the mediocre rating here a lot of the low ratings are by angsty rebellious teens who are saying, in effect, adults don t know so much Actually sometimes they do, and Hautman knows than most After having read only mal...

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    The novel entitled Sweetblood by Peter Hautman is about a diabetic teenaged girl named Lucy who throughout the book goes on a quest of self realization Lucy is introduced to us as a vampire obsessed goth whose main goal is to show as little warmth as possible to the people in her community For example, at one point in the text, she says that she wants to go throughout the whole day without smiling or saying anything to any one She also uses her interest in Vampirism to isolate herself from her teachers and parents We see this happen when Lucy makes a rather dark and disturbing self portrait in art class, and when she writes a very violent essay on the myths of vampires that make her teachers and parents very uncomfortable What all of this shows is that Lucy takes a very negative approach on life Because she has diabetes, she often feels trapped under monitoring her blood glucose level and eating sugar or injecting herself with insulin This makes her very mad at the world, and so she indulges in goth culture.Later in the book, Lucy ends up going to a goth party where she meets someone, named Wayne, who claims to be a real vampire She is frightened but amazed at this...

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    Have you ever felt different, like no one understands you That s how Lucy feels in the book Sweet Blood by Pete Hautman Lucy is a sixteen year old girl suffering from diabetes She has done a lot of research on diabetes and now believes that in the olden times vampires were really just people showing signs of diabetes She writes a paper, explaining her theory, for a class and it gets her in trouble with her parents and school Her parents begin to believe that maybe she is getting to weird and they seek help for her Lucy think that vampires as i meantioned before people with diabetes but the thing is, she want to be one.Here parents takes away every teens life, her computer Now, so she is no longer able to get on a Transylvanian chat room where her name is Sweet Blood In the chat room she talks to many people who have an interest in vampires One is a man named Draco who is a self proclaimed real vampire At school Lucy becomes friends with a guy who takes her to a Goth party Where she meets a man who shares her interests in vampires He seems to know way too much a...

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    I really loved this book when I was in Middle School, and I re read it recently, expecting a great story and fond memories Didn t get either Instead, the portrayal of the goths in this book annoyed me, as did the ending The whole idea of conformity happiness was a little too much for me, not to mention how all her problems seemed to come from Lucy being different , and how they all fixed themselves after she started dressing normal again It reminded me too much of the ending of Sp...

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    As a type one diabetic who was diagnosed when I was five, now nineteen, it was so refreshing to read a book that I could relate to I went through a similar mentality, albeit much younger, when I was ten Before reading this the only media representation I d seen of diabetics were completely inaccurate portrayals in doctor or police shows that get all the facts wrong With Lucy as narrator it gives everyone an inside look and feeling of what it is to be a diabetic, the highs and the lows The ending was a little too cheesy for me, the typical makeover scene but it hit a little close to home as I did the same thing when I felt this way, I cut it off and let it grow back out, dying it every color, changing what I wore and how I acted, desperate to figure out the key to what I had to be to make people think of...

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    There are many components to a book Plots, settings, and characters are all complex parts to the puzzle Genres are also a large component when it comes to any book There s an abundance of different genres out there From Autobiographies to Science Fiction novels, each and every book has a different category The book that I just read by Pete Hautman, was SweetBlood It fits into the category of Teen Fiction with a morbid twist The girl in the story has a perception of life that can be viewed as disturbing, but the events that follow are rather intriguing Most teen novelists from my perspective almost always write something that is predictable, sappy, and even a little too happy There s no suspense, there s no educated guesses It s just a predictable story that s rather, in my opinion, boring But in this book, the story just keeps you guessing Is she going to fail Is she going to retreat back to her old Goody Two Shoes ways Will she b...

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