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The Menopause Book The Critics RavedDr Spock For Aging Women Extremely Wellresearched And Presents Cutting Edge Science In A Readable And Com Prehensive Way An Excellent ReferenceThe North American Menopause SocietySympathetic, Very Readable, ComprehensiveI Highly Recommend This Excellent GuideIsaac Schiff, M.D., Harvard Medical SchoolRequired Reading For Women Wanting To Maximize The Second Halves Of Their LivesWulf H Utian, M.D., Ph.D., Founder And Executive Director, The North American Menopause SocietyBravo This Book Should Be A Birthday Gift For Every 40 Year Old Actually, Probably EarlierBarb Malat, CPNP, PA C, Co Chair, Menopause And Hormone Therapy Committee, Association Of Reproductive Health Professionals Originally Published In 2007 As Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Me , The Menopause Book Is The All In One Bible For Women Approaching Or Experiencing Menopause Completely Revised And Updated With A Compelling, Authoritative New Look, The Latest Medical Findings And Advice, And A Straightforward New Title, The Menopause Book Incorporates The Most Cutting Edge Research On Hormones And Hormone Therapy Hot Flashes Heart Disease And Stroke Breast Cancer In Older Women And The Subtle Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer It Also Discusses New Findings On Why It S Hard For Menopausal Women To Lose Weight Osteoporosis And Estrogen The Interplay Between Migraines And Hormones Panic Attacks And Of All The Books On The Market, This Is The Soundest Based On Science, The Material Is Vetted By Top Authorities In The Field, The Facts Are Up To Date, The Writing Engaging, The Tone Upbeat It S The Essential Guide For Every Woman Who Wants To Take Charge Of Her Health.

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☆ The Menopause Book  Author Pat Wingert – Pccare247.us
  • Paperback
  • 608 pages
  • The Menopause Book
  • Pat Wingert
  • English
  • 22 June 2019
  • 9780761155980

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    This book or one similar should be handed out to women by their gynecologists when menopause, perimenopause and hysterectomies become an issue Why Because doctor s can t seem to talk to their patients about menopause There seems to be a disconnect I had a hysterectomy and the doctor really didn t say much about what to expect, etc I think he was waiting for me to ask questions and I had no real idea of what to ask or what I would be in for after the hysterectomy I wish I d had this book to begin with at least as a jumping off point when I began speaking about a hysterectomy with my doctor I feel I was so unprepared for menopause I knew about hot flashes but not how long I might have them, how bad they might get, how they were different with every woman, that they could be triggered Basically, I didn t know anything Now that I ve reached menopause not having a period for 12 months I feel overwhelmed Among the things I learned from this book are that I m not alone, many women are bewildered, mystified, exasperated or just plain upset by their symptoms That s good to know because I know I m not alone in my trek to and through menopause Also, they ask questions I hadn t thought to ask yet but now don t have to I learned something that shocked me the transition to menopause, called perimenopause can last up to TWELVE YEARS I still can t believe it Also, hot flashes don t always go away That s right, once they arrive, they may never leave Probably never heard that have you Why isn t there cohesive and readily info available from doctors about this I should have learned about this from my doctor, not a book I happened to find, a year after a hysterectomy Yes, I m angry This is 2015, not 1950 This is the information age I guess I should just be glad for this book, and I am Lots of helpful questions, honestly answered About a third of the book is about staying healthy but after reading so much stuff I didn t know that s bad I kind of feel like I really needed a pep talk I don t know, comments from women who have had a hard time but either things got better or they just learned to cope and how If you know a woman that is having hot flashes, might be getting a hysterectomy and know them well , I think this would be a thoughful gift.

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    I m entering that stage of life so I decided I needed to learn about it Unlike teenagers and puberty, there really aren t a lot of factual books on the topic I could ask my older relatives but some of them are reluctant to talk about it Some of them were even ignorant because it s been a taboo subject for so long.One of the problems I have with the book is there s so little information for women like me I ve never had children It seems like children are the default I ve been happily married for 25 years We ve never gone through any fertility treatments I have no issues It s just we ve never had children.On the other hand, it s still a book chock full of information I ve already recommended it to women who have asked questions on Facebook There s just too much we don t know.

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    My wife pulled this out and jokingly asked me if I wanted to read it Challenge accepted I learned a lot.

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    While this is the updated 2017 edition, the tone reads as old fashioned to me my mother s generation than mine, and mine s the one GenX who are now in their 40s and 50s Very heteronormative so much about preventing pregnancy without acknowledging that this isn t an issue for everyone, including frequent reference to condoms and PIV intercourse obviously this is an important topic, but not the only thing While I only skimmed most of the book, the only queer content I spotted was a box within a sidebar titled Preventing STDs in Woman to Woman Sexual Relationships Is that better than nothing Hm.So now I m going to look for a smart contemporary GenX type book about menopause Let me know if you see one.

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    Very informative and helpful

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    If you are looking for information for medical menopause this book it not for you If you re at an age where menopause is happening naturally, you re hopefully going to know a lot of this already I was really hoping for some scientific answers to the many questions I had before hysterectomy, and this was nothing but vague it s different for every woman fluff.

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    Read this BEFORE you go into menopause For example, you will learn how important calcium is and how much you lose during peri menopause The book is balanced, information rich with references for further reading I learned much from this than I did from my doctor or anyone else So many subjects no one talks about I even learned how to find a specialist, who I am going to now and love Many OB GYNs go into practice to deliver babies and they may not focus as much on the post reproductive phase of life I read every page and put together a plan, but the book is organized so you can easily zero in on a particular subject if you re time limited A must read for women and not a bad idea for men so they can gain some perspective.

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    A very easy to read The book s subject is on something all women face and should know a little about I am getting close to this age but am not quite there however, it helped me to understand some things that are going on in preparation for the event Point being it is a book for all ages once you start no matter where you are in your stage of life It covers so many topics than just menopause and should be read by all women The we are informed, IMHO, the longer we live.

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    This is a very long book I recommend to any woman over 40 However, much of it is written in a question answer format, which appears to be anecdotal Some of these topics can be skimmed over.

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    This is a great reference book for all women age 35 and up

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