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Sparrow Hawk RedWhen Eighth Grader Ricky Diaz Discovers That The Mother He Thought Was Killed In An Accident Was Actually Murdered By Drug Dealers, He Determines To Get Revenge Readers Who Require A Fast Paced Plot With Lots Of Action, Tension, And Danger Will Find Everything They Want In Mikaelsen S Latest Novel Booklist, Starred Review.

!!> Reading ➵ Sparrow Hawk Red ➭ Author Ben Mikaelsen – Pccare247.us
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Sparrow Hawk Red
  • Ben Mikaelsen
  • English
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9780786810024

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    In this book, Sparrow Hawk Red, by Ben Mikaelsen, the main character is about a boy named Ricky In this book Ricky is a secret pilot., When these D.E.A agents came over to his house to ask Ricky s dad if he could steal the plane, Ricky found out his mom got killed by Mexican drug dealers, Ricky s mom wasn t supposed to die the Mexican drug dealers were trying to kill his dad, by ruining there car and she died, Ricky was informed by agents that Benito used to work with before he retired Ricky also overheard that stealing their plane would be revenge to them So of course Ricky wants to steal the plane to avenge his mom He ditched school to go to Mexico On his journey to steal the plane he bought burritos, the lady at the stand thought he was a ratero so Ricky flashed his money and some kids saw all the money that he had and they chased him down in an alley and beat him up and stole his money and shoes Later on, when Ricky woke up he felt like he was being watched, watched by a girl When he was walking Ricky was being fallowed by a girl named Soledad, that day Ricky was sleeping in an alley on a cardboard box when Soledad come...

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    I read this book when I was about thirteen and it changed my life forever It s harsh portrayal of Mexico through the eyes of a teen was an amazing ride to a world I knew nothing about.

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    Hard for me to connect with the Character at first Once I stuck with it, it got better.

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    Great read for a middle school reading group, but we were all a little disappointed with the abrupt ending.

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    This is an interesting story about a 13 year old named Ricky who runs away to Mexico for a chance to avenge his Mother s death The intense story gives Americans a greater appreciation for those who immigrate on a small degree by empathizing with the little girl he encounters and becomes friends with in Mexico The entire time you are drawn in because the writing is very well done, and is not too redundant or slow Sparrow Hawk Red is an imaginative adventure that though unlikely has a unique story line an...

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    I found this book to be an amazing story of a boy avenging his mother s murder During the book he goes through great pain and fear for revenge Risking his life and living on the streets of mariposa all to get revenge on a drug cartel From his nice home to the streets, the author adds twists and turns as he tries to steal a plane from a cruel and unforgiving enemy In this expertly written story Ricky Diaz ...

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    This was a favorite in middle school, and as I find myself working with middle schoolers, I m trying to find quality literature for them Pros Exciting plotSome Spanish wordsEncourages acceptance of other people culturesReminds readers that what they see on the outside may not be the same as what s on the insideCons Not a particularly challenging readI d highly recommend this book for use in ...

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    I think it was a well written book and was very suspenseful.

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    I thought that this book was fantastic, 5 star It has a great plot Ben Mikaelsen did a great job writing this book Sparrow Hawk Red is about a young boy named Ricky that is very good at flying planes In this story Ricky goes on a mission to steal a plane from Drug Smugg...

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    I had to take summer school for my math credit but at the beginning they stuck me in a math class AND an English class and we has started reading this book but then I had to transfer out into another math class so...

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