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Kiss of the RoseFirst In A Sexy New Series That Takes A Bite Out Of The Court Of King Henry VIIIDesperate To Defeat King Richard III And Gain The English Crown, Henry Tudor Made A Pact With The Druids That Bound Him And His Heirs To The Druid S Deadly Struggle Against The Vampires Ever Since, The Llewellyns, An Ancient Vampire Slaying Family, Have Been In The Permanent Employ Of The Monarchy.Now Henry VIII Is On The Throne, And His Father S Bargain Has Almost Been Forgotten Until Corpses Drained Of Blood Start Turning Up In The Most Inappropriate Of Places, Including The King S Bedchamber But Are These People The Victims Of The Vampires Or Of The Druids To Save The King From A Nameless Assassin, Rosalind Llewellyn, Vampire Hunter Extraordinaire, Must Form An Uneasy Alliance With A Known Druid Slayer Sir Christopher Ellis Hails From A Family That Has Protected The Vampires For Centuries, Yet Rosalind Has No Choice But To Rely On His Help And With Her Life Threatened And Her Loyalty Tested, Rosalind May Even Have To Acknowledge The Unthinkable This Sworn Enemy May Be Her Soul Mate.

[Reading] ➸ Kiss of the Rose ➮ Kate Pearce – Pccare247.us
  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Kiss of the Rose
  • Kate Pearce
  • English
  • 22 March 2018
  • 9780451230942

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    I was very excited when I learned there was a new series coming out that involved two of my favorite subjects Vampires and Tudor period England Having never read anything in the paranormal genre by Kate Pearce, I wasn t sure if she could pull it off for my liking, but Kiss of the Rose exceeded my expectations and I can t wait for the next book In a genre saturated with new books, new series, new authors, I found this take on the done to death vampire theme to be refreshing What makes The Tudor Vampire Chronicles different Well, aside from being both PNR Vampire and Historical which I don t often see, we have Druids who hunt vampires, Mithras cult members who protect the vampires and therefore, hunt Druids and the vampires themselves who feed from humans, but rarely turn or kill them I found the storyline to be very unique The book blurb explains it better than I can Desperate to defeat King Richard III and gain the crown, Henry Tudor made a pact with the Druids binding him and his heirs to the Druids struggle against vampires Ever since, the Llewellyns, a vampire slaying family, have been in the king s employ Now Henry VIII reigns, and his father s bargain has been almost forgotten until bloodless corpses turn up in the king s bedchamber To save the king, Vampire hunter Rosalind Llewellyn must form an uneasy alliance with Druid slayer Sir Christopher Ellis But soon, Rosalind must face an unthinkable truth that her sworn enemy may be her soul mate. There was a lot of speculation by my Goodreads friends and myself as to the level of sexuality we d find in this book because Kate Pearce writes some pretty hot erotic novels There were a couple of scenes in Kiss of the Rose that were pretty fanning myself hot but nothing, in my opinion, that would be considered over the top erotic or even kinky Now, while this is a series, it s unlike most of the series I read where there s always a nice, tidy happily ever after ending While things certainly appear to be heading in a particular direction, in this book we re left with the understanding that things may not turn out the way everyone expects them to Think along the lines of Twilight We have Rosalind Llewellyn Bella , Christopher Ellis Edward and Rhys Williams Jacob Now, Rosa and Rhys are Druid vampire hunters, and Christopher is a member of the Mithras cult with a little something extra thrown in don t want to give it away so as you see, clearly Rosa and Rhys belong together because they are from similar backgrounds, but Christopher is just as compelling a character as Rhys, and Rosalind is quite attracted to him Rhys is safe because she s known him most of her life, and as I said they come from similar backgrounds, but Christopher he has the whole forbidden fruit thing going for him that adds some sexual intensity to the mix I wavered back and forth between 4 or 5 stars because I would have loved to have felt the time period either through dialog or a few scenes of day to day life at court, and while I really enjoyed the story and the characters, I need a little understanding of exactly why the Mithras cult protects the vampires, and why the Druids hunt them When, where and why did this all come to pass What were origins of these vampires For me, when starting a new series where there s a totally different paranormal world involved as there is in The Tudor Vampire Chronicles, the details are very important and had those details been fully explained, this would have likely been a 5 star read for me Maybe we ll learn in the next book.Overall, I found Kiss of the Rose to be a very entertaining, exciting read and the cover image is very, very nice I m looking forward to the next book, Blood of the Rose which is due out in February 2011 and continues Rosalind, Rhys and Christopher s quest to keep King Henry VIII safe from the vampires who are out to kill him Sexual content While definitely hot at times, this is a safe read for those of my friends who don t like to venture too far from traditional sex scenes.

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    Content warning mild spoilers gifs.This book had an awesome premise Seriously, folks vampires manipulating Henry VIII s court via his plethora of wives political troubles A romance that smacked of Colleen Gleason s Gardella series Pretty clothes plush fabrics from the Tudor era Sounds great.But then I tried to read it.Re the overall story arc, I was prepared for First in Series Syndrome But this skipped beyond any expected wobbles blundered headfirst into WTF IS THIS The vampires plan for world domination waser, wellokay, they were trying toThey were trying to DO THINGS, dammit EVIL TYPE THINGS VAMPIRES ARE EVIL DOING EVIL THINGS And there s this family of Druids that have hunted the vampires because of a pact with the English monarchy See, THE DRUIDS HUNT VAMPIRES THEY DO HUNTING TYPE THINGS And there s this mysterious Vampire Council that bosses the other vampires And the Druids hate the Council, but randomly decide to cooperate because an EXTRA EVIL VAMPIRE has been doing EXTRA EVIL TYPE THINGS And there s a prophecy about marriage Or semen Nobody really knows IT S COMPLICATED, OKAY Such an aimless Cunning Plan tm deserves condescending Dracula gifs But speaking of VladThere s very little fanged action in this book, nor is there any real sense of the Tudor era the setting antagonist could ve combined any era paranormal critter Everything was secondary to the schmoopy romance between insipid Buffy wannabe Rosalind her Emo McWhinge enemy bf Christopher And let s not forget Rosalind s trainer Rhys, who repeated the same three lines with only slight variation 1 I love Rosalind 2 Emo McWhinge Christopher is dangerous 3 I ll hurt anyone who hurts Rosalind From the beginning it s obvious that Rhys is placeholder series bait aka those secondary heroes who exist to show everyone how the heroine is a Speshul Snowflake who can t settle for the I ve known you forever hottie No, she needs Emo McWhinge speshulness to match her snowflake status How romantic Well, Rosalind can have no better match than Christopher The stud wouldn t STFU for ten seconds straight I can t imagine having to sit next to him at a dinner party, let alone prance around a Maypole with him blabbering about his painful childhood familial duties Yes, that s an actual scene 1.5 stars I m not sure why I rounded up maybe because it put me to sleep, as opposed to yanking my hair in agony It s the little things in life.

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    Yes, as some of you will notice I changed my reivew I really dont like giving out huge spoilers like I did, its not fair to the aurhor or future readers I didnt like it when I put it on there and its been bugging me ever since I don t know where to start, I just didn t get into this book like I wanted I probably could have gotten past the love triangle between Roseland, Sir Christopher and Rhys But what I cant get past is there is no definite HEA GRRR I really liked the plot with the vampire and druid and setting I loved how they were set guarding the King and Queen and the mystery of catching a very old vampire I liked some of the characters not all Who is going to get Roseland in their bed You have 2 and sometimes 3 bidding for it with of course Christopher and Rhys the running contenders I got plain tired of reading who wants her and Roseland doesn t want any of them at times then she does, I mean make up your mind already GRRRR You know how it goes It just got to be so much I started skimming through the book I didn t feel it had enough romance between Roseland and Christopher it may happen in the next book There was some sex but the first time I didn t care reading it Then you get a couple of after that, which was good I have read a lot hotter PNR books Roseland just didn t hit me right and I didn t like how she went about things I also didn t like how her virginity was taken and how it was afterwards Christopher was ok for me at times, but he just didn t stick with me Rhys I really liked along with the vampire Elias Warner This is one book you ll have to read to see if you like it or not Some things pushes my buttons wrong and this book done just that.

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    The old saying goes, never judge a book by it s cover, but, alas, this Tudor s lover did months ago I could not wait to get my hands on Kate Pearce s new release, Kiss of the Rose, the first story of The Tudor Vampire Chronicles I had all kinds of expectations after seeing the luscious couple on the cover, especially after recently finishing HBO s series finale of The Tudors I lusted myself into oblivion with the likes of Henry Cavill and Jonathan Rhys Meyers So with cover and concept at hand I went in full throttle, wanting to adore this story While this story did not fire me up like a shirtless JRM s King Henry did, I do think it has potential to hopefully become a stellar series.Henry VIII is now King of England and an ancient vampire is out to destroy him The King is unaware of an agreement that his father made years ago with the Druids This agreement united both himself and his decedents with the Druids to destroy Vampires The King discovers the agreement after Lady Rosalind Llewellyn, Vampire slayer and Druid, arrives at court to provide proof in a letter written to Henry from his deceased father The letter confirms the vow that was made and Rosalind explains that she has been sent to protect him from the rogue Vampire that is killing members of Court Rosalind is fiercely loyal to her family s calling as a Vampire slayer It s something she has trained for her whole life.Rosalind is accompanied to Court by her longtime friend and trainer, Rhys Williams Rhys no longer sees Rosalind as a fighter, but as a woman who he has grown to have deep feelings for and who he hopes will eventually become his wife Rosalind is a strong, feisty, independent woman who has always thought of marriage as unappealing And while Rosalind sees that Rhys s feelings for her have changed, she only views him as a dear friend and questions if she could ever feel Upon arriving at Court, Rosalind and Rhys soon find that there is an addition to King Henry s protectors, Druid slayer and Vampire protector, Sir Christopher Ellis From the first meeting, both Christopher and Rosalind feel an attraction between them, but know that they are sworn enemies and therefore the idea of being anything else is a moot point The Vampire Council determines that the threat against the King is unusual and declares a prophecy that both Christopher and Rosalind are to join together to overthrow the rogue Vampire Both Rhys and Christopher battle for Rosalind s heart while trying to form a truce in order to arrange a plan on how to destroy the rogue Vampire before it reaches the King.While I like the concept of a Vampire after the King, the so called vampire appeared like a speedy ghost There was reference to the smell of blood, dead corpses but never a vampire caught in the act of draining a victim And while the plot had an interesting twist on the paranormal it still felt like it was dragging at times I believe this could have been prevented had the author incorporated of the historical aspect of the story to balance the dominating paranormal tone I was disappointed the time period was only a surface addition to the overall story with little reference to the history of the Tudor dynasty Also, any of my friends will confirm I am a serious cheese lover feta, gouda, cheddar, etc, but not when it comes to dialogue between lovers And I have to attest there were quite a few cheesy moments in the love scenes The ending leaves you unresolved with the trio s relationship and the prophecy unfulfilled which leads into the second novel, Blood of the Rose Overall, I do believe the series has potential and hope that Ms Pearce will add of the Tudor history in the books to obtain an overall balance In the meantime I will return to my King Henry Jonathan Rhys Meyers on HBO and lust on 3 5 StarsFavorite Quote Are you suggesting that I would merrily swive any man who asked me I m not suggesting anything other than perhaps we should scratch this itch before it becomes bothersome.She stared pointedly at the black codpiece that covered his groin I suggest you scratch it yourself I m sure you are than capable.

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    When I first saw this cover I knew I wanted this book Okay the guy looks a bit strange but the rest is gorgeous Next I realized that it is a mix of paranormal and historical romance and I began to be unsure if I would like it because sometimes I m a bit annoyed with the heroines of that time but I thought you have to give a try I m so happy I did.I knew this book would be a mix of different aspects and I loved the way the just fit into each other We have on the one hand the historical setting in Tudor England The book starts with the Tudors getting the power and later follows Henry VIII reign The power shift is the first time the Druids became active participants in the royal struggles They made a pact with the king they help him get the throne and in exchange he will help them to destroy the vampires They also agree that the Druids will keep the royal family save, no matter what.We are introduced into the court of King Henry VIII together with Rosalind Llewellyn She left the court 5 years ago and now had to came back to stand against a new threat for the kings life She is the only female Druid vampire slaver and all her live she had a hard time defending herself and to get the acceptance she deserves The men of that time just can t accept that a woman would do things like fighting and killing vampires in all ways possible Rosalind is a strong and stubborn woman She is a fighter but she seems a bit helpless when it comes to romantic feelings She is already 19 years old and nearly at the top age limit to find a husband She knows that her fellow vampire hunter, Rhys Williams, would take her hand anytime but she is unsure if that is what she wants He is a nice guy and one of her oldest and best friends but is that enough to replace love At court she also meets Sir Christopher Ellis and he is quite the charming one Only problem is that he is the enemy of her kind a Druid Hunter and ally with the vampires Christopher was always the outsider Even his own family doesn t really want him His uncle raised him and introduced him into the cult of Mithras, a group of hunters connected by their hate for the Druids who seek to extinguish them Christopher always struggles with himself He never felt accepted and he thinks that he s just not enough The first time he sees Rosalind he is truck by her beauty but when he realizes what she is he knows that they both can never become It would ruin him even But sometimes life just doesn t work the way we want it too.I so loved how those two found their way, or less It was a constant struggle and sometimes I thought Would you just please get over yourself and see that you are meant for each other but as always as took them longer than me The fact that Rhys also has a romantic interest in Rosalind added another edge to the lovestory and it really is heartbreaking to see how everything works out Her characters are very likable and I just didn t want one of them to get hurt And there is some really hot scenes Man, I want myself a Christopher The plot around the vampire threat was nicely woven around the real history of Tudor England I have to admit that I m not a real history buff in that era but I know that Henry VIII had a bunch of wives and I hope that will be enough for the rest of the series.The mystery around the vampire and the search for who it could be really kept me on the edge of my seat I had so many suspicions but how wrong I was The story telling was good too At first some dialogs felt a bit bereft of emotion but in the later parts of those books I was enthralled by the story and the characters I think this is always the burden of book 1 in a new series You have to introduce everything and I think Mrs Pearce made a great job The Kiss of the Rose is a great start into a new series We have a wonderful paranormal world with a nice touch of history in the mix The characters are vibrant, sometimes a bit agitating but other times you just have to love them The story is thrilling and will keep you glued to the pages I for myself know that I can t wait to read Blood of the Rose.

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    Kiss of the Rose by Kate Pearce Paranormal Romance Aug 3, 20105 starsLushly imaginative and superbly sensual I was enthralled by Kiss of the Rose Assassins, Druids, secrets cults and a pact with the King of England make for exciting intrigue Fresh and untried, vampire assassin and powerful Druid Rosalind Llewellyn has come to the Tudor court to protect the King, Queen and England s people from the vampire blight But she soon encounters an obstacle in the intensely attractive and arrogant Druid Slayer, Sir Christopher Ellis He is part of a family that has been a long time enemy of the Druids and murderers of her kin But his sudden appearance and her evasive conversation with a manipulative representative of the Vampire Council leads Rosalind to feel there is something she is missing She feels something dangerous is at stake than her mission to hunt down a rogue vampire The sexual tension and utter magnetism between Rosalind and Christopher is amazing to read Every interaction was exciting and thrilling as they battled their age old distrust with their fiery attraction for each other I loved how the author delves into Christopher s conflict as he tries to protect Rosalind even though she is his enemy I also enjoyed Rosalind single minded focus and devotion to her job She was a very admirable and courageous character that I could not help rallying around her It was enthralling to read the conflict between the Druids, the vampires, and cult of Mithras of which Christopher belongs to This involving history makes for a richly textured and absorbing plot Christopher is very seductive and I wonder that Rosalind was able to hold out so long But the tension between them made for some very HOT and sensual scenes But even as Rosalind tries to stay away from Christopher outside forces and a mysterious prophecy seem to push them closer Rosalind is informed by her grandfather to seduce Christopher and then Christopher is ordered by his uncle to seduce her I loved how the plot thickens I especially liked to read Christopher s admiration for Rosalind grow And how he was strong but didn t try to put Rosalind down because she was equally strong but instead defended her I enjoyed how they begin to care for each other Both are outcasts in their own families This sense of loneliness each carries made them very sympathetic and I was so happy they were able to find each other Decadent and alluring Kiss of the Rose is an exhilarating treat that will consume all the senses There is real feeling of danger as the characters plot against each other and try to discover the truth I loved how both clashed against each other in a war of wits and sensual allure Although the passion between the 2 main characters smolders it is not as erotic as the author s regency series The only drawback is that this story is part of a series and as such leaves the main characters somewhat hanging But in this case I am extremely glad since I don t want their adventures to end Usually I find the Tudor times rather uninteresting but this story enthralled me with its danger and sensuality Kate Pearce weaves a tale with passion, magic and exciting intrigue that kept me up all night This is a phenomenal series that is sure to be a hit Reviewed by Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    Note Read and reviewed for The Season for Romance.Refreshingly imaginative and deliciously sensual describe Kate Pearce s new paranormal twist on the court life of King Henry VIII Assassins, ancient cults and a love triangle make for an enthralling tale.Rosalind Llewellyn is a Druid and the grand daughter of one of the greatest vampire hunters of the middle ages Expertly trained and sworn to protect King Henry VIII from a deadly vampire threat, she travels to court and manages to convince the king to allow a woman to guard him against a threat he didn t even know existed The vampire isn t the only threat though The insanely attractive and arrogant Druid slayer Christopher Ellis makes an unexpected appearance at court that throws Rosalind for a loop and makes her wonder what is really going on.The very same vampire threat that brought Rosalind to court also brought Christopher It seems that this ancient and evil vampire has stirred enough trouble that even the Vampire Council wants to be rid of it Although they are sworn enemies simply because of the very nature of their ancestry, they are forced to work together to protect the King and Queen.Rosalind and Christopher s families want them to perform their duty by destroying the vampire threat while also getting rid of the vampire lover and Druid wench respectively They are each instructed to seduce the other in an attempt to distract them from the mission Rhys, Rosalind s trainer and intended husband, is none too pleased about this When he realizes that Rosalind and Christopher s growing affection isn t a ruse any, he makes it very clear to Christopher that Rosalind s future is with him Rhys Rosalind is now caught in a heartbreaking love triangle.The sexual tension and magnetism between Rosalind and Christopher is truly captivating Pearce did a superb job in expressing their growing attraction to one another while they battle their inherent distrust They are both characters to be admired I found Rosalind s single minded focus on the task at hand in spite of everything going on made her very brave and Christopher s strength really shined when he tries to protect her even though he is supposed to destroy her I loved that he sees her as an equal to him in strength, courage and ability Their deeply rooted loneliness and need to belong is incredibly endearing and it made me want to root for them.In addition, the tension between Rhys, Rosalind and Christopher is heart wrenching and I truly felt for her when it came time for Rosalind to choose If all that is still not enough, the mystery surrounding the vampire threat will keep you at the edge of your seat.Kiss of the Rose is an exhilarating tale that will make you want to invest your time, your undivided attention and maybe even a bit of your heart This novel will seduce you with all its sensuality, passion, intrigue, danger, and magic The only drawback to this novel are a few unanswered questions and the cliffhanger ending However, I am than happy to overlook them because we have Blood of the Rose to look forward to next year, and I m sure those questions will be answered and Rosalind Christopher will get the happy ending they deserve.

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    Yeah I gave up This is one of very, VERY few books that I could not finish The problem for me was that this book barely focused on King Henry s court, the vampires, the war between the Druids and the vampires, or the vampire defender folk The number one focus of Kiss of the Rose was who the hell was going to take Rose s virginity and how forcefully they were going to do so Now don t get me wrong, I am down like four flat tires for some steamy scenes and sexy times, but this was just too much The love triangle between Rose, Christopher, and Rhys was just painful The interaction between Christopher and Rhys was immature at best, and foul at worst And Rose I went back and forth between feeling sorry for her she was basically a piece of meat and sleeping with her was everyone s objective and being really frustrated with her she pranced off, swirled around, or walked away in anger exasperation with Christopher and Rhys times than I could count What frustrated me the most was that I did not see any of this coming from the sample I downloaded The first chapter was super intriguing, as the story started with Henry VII s deal with the Druids to win control of England from King Richard That was awesome and I bought Kiss the Rose expecting to head into vampire and Druid lore, juicy details of Henry VIII s court, and a kickass lady vampire hunter Sadly, that was just not the case This story had potential, the theory is cool, but the focus on nailin Rose was just too much.

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    KISS OF THE ROSE by Kate Pearce is book One in the Tudor Vampire Chronicles series Rosalind and her mentor Rhys have come to assist at Court with a dangerous threat There Rosalind encounters her enemy Christopher but they end up having to work together defeat a rogue Vampire threatening Henry VIII This bring out new feelings of passion toward each other This is a vampire.paranormal story that continues into another book called Blood of the Rose which I can t wait to read This is the second release of this book with an updated cover.

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    Sexy, dark and intriguing The perfect mix of paranormal and historical romance A must read for fans of the Tudor Era and vampire lovers Great all night read for those stormy nights A promising start to what I m sure will be an addicting series

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