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Cari MoraFrom The Creator Of Hannibal Lecter And The Silence Of The Lambs Comes A Story Of Evil, Greed, And The Consequences Of Dark Obsession.Twenty Five Million Dollars In Cartel Gold Lies Hidden Beneath A Mansion On The Miami Beach Waterfront Ruthless Men Have Tracked It For Years Leading The Pack Is Hans Peter Schneider Driven By Unspeakable Appetites, He Makes A Living Fleshing Out The Violent Fantasies Of Other, Richer Men Cari Mora, Caretaker Of The House, Has Escaped From The Violence In Her Native Country She Stays In Miami On A Wobbly Temporary Protected Status, Subject To The Iron Whim Of ICE She Works At Many Jobs To Survive Beautiful, Marked By War, Cari Catches The Eye Of Hans Peter As He Closes In On The Treasure But Cari Mora Has Surprising Skills, And Her Will To Survive Has Been Tested Before.Monsters Lurk In The Crevices Between Male Desire And Female Survival No Other Writer In The Last Century Has Conjured Those Monsters With Terrifying Brilliance Than Thomas Harris Cari Mora, His Sixth Novel, Is The Long Awaited Return Of An American Master.

➪ Cari Mora Read ➲ Author Thomas  Harris – Pccare247.us
  • Hardcover
  • 311 pages
  • Cari Mora
  • Thomas Harris
  • English
  • 23 March 2019
  • 9781538750148

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    Gourmand serial killer Hannibal Lecter may be off the menu, but now his creator, Thomas Harris, has added a new dish of terror Cari Mora is Harris s first novel since Hannibal Rising appeared 13 years ago Fans of his earlier best selling books and the movies and TV shows wrung from them will taste familiar ingredients in Cari Mora, along with a touch of Stieg Larsson s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and even a dash of Carl Hiaasen s Florida zaniness But the whole thing would definitely go better with some fava beans.The story is mostly a snooze not so much The Silence of the Lambs as The Counting of the Sheep It opens in Biscayne Bay at a mansion once owned by the late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar After passing through the hands of playboys, filmmakers and speculators, this fabled house now sits unused, filled with monster mannequins, slasher movie props, an electric chair from Sing Sing and something called sex furniture, which I must ask about the next time I go to Ikea.Only one person has the nerve to work as a caretaker of this old house of horrors a beautiful immigrant named Cari Mora At the age of 11, Cari was To read the rest of this review, go to The Washington Post https www.washingtonpost.com entert To watch the Totally Hip Video Book Review of Cari Mora, click here

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    Two it cannot be true I waited for 13 years and got this boring, predictable book with worst plot reminds you of low budgeted action movies stars As soon as I hear, one of the greatest thriller writers is back with a new book, I started to dance and raise my punch in the air while I was screaming Yess Well, when I start flipping the pages, my punch was still raised in the air but this time , it was punching an invisible man actually I was imagining the writer on my head, because I was so pissed off when I see missing potentials and opportunities and this book is totally both of them We meet Hans Peter Schneider, a serial killer, sadistic, dangerous man but there is nothing sophisticated or intriguing about him if you compare him with Hannibal, he s Disney character and worst copycat, only interesting thing he shares name with Hans Gruber all time best villain rents the house on Miami Waterfront was once owned by notorious Pablo Escobar,for finding millions of dollars of buried gold The house caretaker Cari Mora, tormented but tough heroine, escaped from violent past, is still scared of being sent back to her native country When I expect Chianti and fava beans, I didn t even get a Cuban cigar Because vague and graphic parts weren t terrifying, they were just distasteful From the beginning, I waited to see action, complications, anything witty, smart, surprising but I got none of them I got bored and wanted to take an early Siesta break because I couldn t stop my yawning Dull and pointless characterization, a storyline loses its own way and finishes predictably Well Hans Cari s only similarities with Hannibal and Clarice are the first letters of their names They are never gonna have memorable, creepy , blood freezing prey and hunter kinda relationship

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    I d give this zero stars if I could what an unbearably tedious load of twaddle Thomas Harris new novel, Cari Mora, was Cari Mora is the caretaker of a house on the Miami waterfront that used to belong to Pablo Escobar Unbeknownst to her, there s millions of dollars of gold buried somewhere on the property and bad guys, including psychopathic Hans Peter Schneider, are after it which means she s in the way and has to go But, of course, Cari is no pushover let battle commence I don t know how a writer as experienced and talented as Harris could ve made such a dog s dinner of a seemingly straightforward story, but he completely bungles the execution It s an unfocused and unnecessarily complicated narrative with awkward scene transitions random flashbacks to the past and too many pointless details that slow an already sedate narrative down to an interminably glacial pace A lot of the time it s confusing and unclear what s happening and why, and it s always, always uninteresting It amounts to one set of dull wafer thin characters vs another set with a predictable conclusion duuuh, d you think the obviously good character prevails against the obviously evil character Yuh huh And that s the other thing the cast are a bunch of vaguely written nobodies Cari and Hans Peter are bargain basement Clarice and Hannibal stand ins while the rest of which there are way too many, particularly as none of them are important anyway may as well be called Stock Detective Character and Stock FBI Agent Character that s how memorable they are Cari Mora fails across the board Badly written, boring beyond belief, and a total waste of time, I can t believe this is the same writer that gave us The Silence of the Lambs what a difference 30 years makes, eh

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    I can t stave off my suspicion that this was written by some randomized neuro network choosing words at random just to follow it up with combining them into random phrases I m not sure how a human is supposed to read it Or have written it.A supremely boring novel about something or other I won t be bothered finding out, of what exactly A bunch of dudes keep stumbling about and raving about stuff and having the dullest ever adventures of the kind that induce sleep in 321zzZZZ The only plotline that makes any kind of sense is the line of Cari and her child soldier background And even that was undercooked The rest is all over the place in just the way that the best chapter is about some croco s digestion I m not kidding Q The crocodile, pleasantly full, swam south, submerging whenever a boat came by She was a fourteen foot saltwater crocodile and she spent part of her time in the Everglades eating juvenile Burmese pythons and the odd muskrat and nutria, but she preferred the salt bay of the South Bay Country Club, where she basked on land near the golf course fairway Crocodiles, unable to chew, must eat large creatures in chunks after they have decomposed and softened But Chihuahuas can be swallowed whole, as can corgis, Lhasa apsos and shih tzus They can be eaten fresh without having to soften in a larder, such as the one the crocodile maintained beneath the Escobar house.Other than Felix, the crocodile had eaten only one human, a drunk who fell off a boat full of drunks and was not missed at the time or ever accounted for or mourned She had a buzz for perhaps an hour after eating him.The crocodile did not dwell on eating humans, but with her prodigious memory for food and the locations of food, she did recall how refreshingly free humans were of hair and feathers and tough hide and horns and beaks and hooves Unlike a pelican, which is trouble than it is worth.Dog owners with their shorts and their plump white legs, sneaking along briskly in the gloaming following their pets, were attractive to her and they could not see very well as the light failed It only called for patience.The crocodile suffered some small discomfort in the night passing Felix s headlamp, and left it beside the fairway, to the puzzlement of the grounds keepers c Q A progression of lights on and off up through the house as Cari made her way through the mannequins, the crouching movie monsters, the seventeen foot Mother Alien from the Planet Zorn to reach her bedroom at the top of the stairs c What Q He sat naked on a stool in the center of his tiled shower room, letting the many nozzles on the walls beat water on him from all directions He was singing in his German accent just singing in the rains What a glorious feeling, I am haaaappy again He could see his reflection in the glass side of his liquid cremation machine where he was dissolving Karla, a girl who hadn t worked out for business.In the rising mist Hans Peter s image on the glass looked like a daguerreotype He struck the pose of Rodin s The Thinker and watched himself out of the corner of his eye A faint smell of lye rose with the steam.Interesting to see himself as The Thinker reflected on the glass, while behind the glass, in the tank, Karla s bones were beginning to stand up out of the paste the corrosive lye water had made of the rest of her The machine rocked, sloshing fluid back and forth The machine burped and bubbles came up.Hans Peter was very proud of his liquid cremation machine If a girl did not work out, Hans Peter could just pour her down the loo in liquid form and with no harmful effect on the groundwater c Bogey crematorium villain served.Q She did not blink The black pupils of her eyes had the smudge of intelligence c Quite a smudge, it must have been.What I hated is that this is all pretty much a recipe for making some or other boring film See this Q Two men talking in the middle of the night They are 1,040 miles apart One side of each face is lit by a cell phone They are two half faces talking in the dark I can get the house where you say it is Tell me the rest, Jes s The reply is faint through a crackle of static You paid one fourth of what you promised Puff puff Send me the rest of the money Send it to me Puff puff Jes s, if I find what I want with no help from you, you will receive nothing from me never That is truer than you know That s the truest thing you ever said in your life Puff puff What you want is sitting on fifteen kilos of Semtex if you find it without my help you will be splattered on the moon My arm is long, Jes s It won t reach down from the moon, Hans Pedro My name is Hans Peter, as you know You d put your hand on your peter if your arm was long enough Is that what you said I don t want your personal information Quit wasting time Send the money The connection is broken Both men lie staring into the dark Hans Peter Schneider is in a berth aboard his long black boat off Key Largo He listens to a woman sobbing on the V berth in the bow He imitates her sobs He is a good mimic His own mother s voice comes out of his face, calling the crying woman s name Karla Karla Why are you crying, my dear child It s just a dream c This is how it all starts and it goes on and on and on Is it just me being lazy or is some serious rambling around happening in here Gosh I wish there was infodumping on crocodiles instead I haven t the slightest idea of how I m supposed to rate it I sorely miss the negative stars.

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    Pulse pounding thriller I CANNOT BELIEVE THOSE WORDS WERE USED TO DESCRIBE THIS BOOK Yes, I m yelling a la Annie Wilkes No, just no I was soooo looking forward to this book, how is it the same author from Silence of Lambs wrote this caca doodie Needless to say I am gravelly disappointed I think this is the first 1 star book of this year.

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    With CARI MORA Thomas Harris does what he does best takes us on a spine tingling, edge of your seat ride steeped in intrigue and nail biting suspense You will not sleep You will not eat This book screams to be devoured in one sitting.

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    Goodness.eek.What.uh.what was that Cari Mora, the most recent brain child of famed writer Thomas Harris, does 2 things brilliantly it confuses the reader, and it bores the reader.There are so many flimsy character connections and even flimsier motives behind the characters actions that I didn t know what the hell the novel was trying to be Crime novel Thriller Psycho thriller Horror Historical fiction Nature pamphlet Miami vacation tour brochure We are introduced to so many characters, with almost no character development for any of them, that I couldn t remember to which team each of them belonged, nor who was the bad guy or good guy half the time I m not entirely sure what point Cari had in even being in the story, other than to be a half assed attempt by Harris at constructing a successful heroine on par with Sterling in Silence of the Lambs She is given bizarre, choppy flashbacks which are supposed to give us some insight into why she is the way that she is but it fails, because Harris forgets to tell the reader just who the hell Cari Mora is supposed to be Why is she there What s her purpose What s her motive for anything Because I m not believing her past as having any connection to her present day motives Her character might have made sense if handled carefully, and or if it had been fleshed out She s interestingish, but only if the writer does her story justice Her story felt lazily done, as though Harris wanted us to care about her, maybe even cry over her, but didn t want to actually put in the work to get the reader to that point.Then there was Hans Whomever the villain that wasn t I don t even really know what to say other than I have no idea if he was there for the gold, or to murder people, or to kidnap Cari, or to get his jollies off, or to.whatever I just am not sure One thing is for sure he ain t no Hannibal Not scary Not creepy Not really anything.By far the most interesting character in this novel was the random crocodile, which even got its own brief chapter of about 3 pages near the latter portion of the book Also some of the birds The birds are nice Tweet tweet The chapters were also confusing The locations were sometimes unclear to me, though I was sometimes quite bored so I might have been zoning in and out This might be surprising at first glance, you d think that a 300 page book has plenty of room to fully flesh out an interesting story Not this kind of story, nosiree There s too much back story and too much historical significance to a lot of it to just gloss over the way Harris did This book could have been 200 pages longer, maybe , and then it might have been good Also, don t be fooled into believing for a second that this book is a legitimate 300 pages the font is so large it reminds me of those times in university when I d increase my font size to make my essay a couple pages longer I d be surprised if this was even a 250 page manuscript, then suddenly became 300 when they increased the font size from 12 to 16 Oh, and also added a blank page in between each of the chapters, which were only like 3 pages each to begin with.It wasn t all bad, though It had some good moments Some of the action y moments were good, but too short lived I d have liked of that It was just missing complex characters what we got were cardboard cutout characters and an anti climatic conclusion Typical Good, Typical Bad, and finally, Typical Ending It felt lazily composed of, hastily published Apart from the beautiful book jacket, there s not too much going on here.Perhaps in time, and with distance, this book will improve in my head I ve also rounded up, cuz I just feel bad giving it 1 star.Until that time, onwards.

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    This Harris book was a bit of a tour de force and I didn t like it the way I liked his other books A gold treasure buried somewhere in the former house of Pablo Escobar and some crooks trying to get it The baddest crook is Hans Peter Schneider, a sadistic German who once studied medicine and sells organs, Don Ernesto, Jesus, Capt Marco Everybody tries to get his share, some die Then you have mysterious former FARQ fighter Cari Mora Can she survive the story Is she able to get the gold There were too many characters involved, too much Spanish spoken maybe his target readers should speak Spanish here , the frame story was a bit simple gold buried in a difficult way in a house and the chapters read a bit long winded You can read this book, no question, but watching it as a movie would be the better option Not completely bad, but different to Harris other books, with a bad guy that reminded me a bit on Pendergast maybe Harris wanted to give a satire on that character That is a contemporary novel with many old school ingredients descriptions of weapons, music But to me it didn t really take off If you re interested in South America Mexico and crime stories based around related stuff you might take a peak If not, there are better page turners out.

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    Ugh I bought a copy with Harris signature in it from BN If not for the neat autograph, I d ask for my money back The best thing about this book was the cover Someone needed to pay off a mortgage, a mistress, or send their kid to Harvard I feel like I did when I was a kid and saw Tom Clancey jump the shark It is so bad, it makes me question all his other books a bit.

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    Probably the worst read of 2019.

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