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Cajun Chameleon Cajun Chameleon Reflections Of A Recovering RacistCajun Chameleon Tells The Largely Untold Story Of A Poor Southern White Boy Growing Up In New Orleans During The Turbulent 1960s And 70s Civil Rights Era That Changed The Life Of All Americans No Matter Their Skin Color.

[Ebook] ➠ Cajun Chameleon  Author Jimmie Martinez – Pccare247.us
  • Hardcover
  • 386 pages
  • Cajun Chameleon
  • Jimmie Martinez
  • English
  • 20 January 2019
  • 9780692142912

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    I always like it when a book takes me new places and teaches me important things about the world I grew up in Cajun Chameleon brought to life how Louisiana grappled with the civil rights movement by telling the story through the eyes of Jax Badeaux, a young man who seems so real, I had to keep reminding myself I was reading a novel Jax watches his world change as people around him are forced to accept integration in all areas of life, something he himself doesn t have a problem with He is a remarkably intelligent and compassionate boy and man, who can see inside of people to who they truly are Now, as this is the story of a southern teenager growing up in the 60 s, he has his share of wild times, drinking and falling for the wrong girls His college days are lackluster He is there only to avoid being drafted He slides from college to a career as a cop In fact, he spends years sliding The reader waits for Jax to get his wake up call He doesn t ever get one He gets lots He is a slow lea...

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    If you came of age during the 6o s in the South this is an excellent read If you have little or no idea what it was like growing up in the South in the 60 s why haven t you read this book yet Mr Martinez captured the feel, the love , the hopes and the sorrow of growing up poor in the South and I feel even worse, Jax, main character, grew up poor in New Orleans I could feel myself feeling the sadness of losing a friend in Viet Nam and maybe losing him a little bit sooner when he was branded as black a...

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    Great read and introspective bookI thoroughly enjoyed reading a different take on growing up in New Orleans Jax is an interesting character and I enjoyed his journey of enlightenment You have to respect someone who can admit the mistakes of the pas...

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    Cajun Chameleon is a fictionalized memoir, which is a difficult position to hold without sounding phony But Jimmie Martinez pulls it off so well that I totally forgot that this story was fictionalized As to the story itself which is why I wanted to read the book , it is most interesting and illuminating Jax Badeaux is a Creole growing up in New Orleans in the 60s Creole was usually counted as white by most of N awlins society and the law, but Jax s favorite Native American cousin wasn t, indeed was verbally abused as a nigger by his big, fat, nasty mother in law to be, who was Creole and thus white, even though in reality she was darker than he It was a moment of awakening for Jax There are ot...

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    Travel with a poor young man as he comes of age in 1960 1980 New Orleans Jax reflects, throughout his life, on topics such as racism, corruption and love It was rewarding to see life from a perspective of modern thought and then super imposed into the 1960 s The au...

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