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Play Dirty1 New York Times Bestselling Author Sandra Brown Is Back With A Gripping Story Of Obsession And Its Deadly Consequences After Five Long Years In Federal Prison, Griff Burkett Is A Free Man But The Disgraced Cowboys Quarterback Can Never Return To Life As He Knew It Before He Was Caught Cheating In A Place Where Football Is Practically A Religion, Griff Committed A Cardinal Sin, And No One Is Forgiving Foster Speakman, Owner And CEO Of SunSouth Airlines, And His Wife, Laura, Are A Golden Couple Successful And Wealthy, They Lived A Charmed Life Before Fate Cruelly Intervened And Denied Them The One Thing They Wanted Most A Child It S Said That Money Can T Buy Everything But It Can Buy A Disgraced Football Player Fresh Out Of Prison And Out Of Prospects The Job Griff Agrees To Do For The Speakmans Demands Secrecy But He Soon Finds Himself Once Again In The Spotlight Of Suspicion An Unsolved Murder Comes Back To Haunt Him In The Form Of His Nemesis, Stanley Rodarte, Who Has Made Griff S Destruction His Life S Mission While Safeguarding His New Enterprise, Griff Must Also Protect Those Around Him, Especially Laura Speakman, From Rodarte S Ruthlessness Griff Stands To Gain The Highest Payoff He Could Ever Imagine, But Cashing In On It Will Require Him To Forfeit His Only Chance For Redemptionand Love Griff Is Now Playing A High Stakes Game, And At The Final Whistle, One Player Will Be Dead Play Dirty Is Sandra Brown S Wildest Ride Yet, With Hairpin Turns Of Plot All Along The Way The Clock Is Ticking Down On A Fallen Football Star, Who Lost Everything Because Of The Way He Played The Game Now His Future His Life Hinges On One Last Play.

[Ebook] ↠ Play Dirty Author Sandra Brown – Pccare247.us
  • Hardcover
  • 404 pages
  • Play Dirty
  • Sandra Brown
  • English
  • 10 November 2018
  • 9780743289351

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    4.5 StarsLoved it Another winner by Sandra Brown A standard SB hero, a little bit less standard heroine with a stick up her ass and a standard storyline, though not as suspenseful as in her newer books The bad guy is revealed from early on but the plot is still enjoyable.What was nonstandard was the romance aspect view spoiler A billionaire in a wheelchair pays a fallen athlete to get his wife pregnant In an au naturel

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    Read the blurb for this one and said to myself Who is going to read that silly book Put it out of my head Have been on a bit of a SB marathon and sort of wanted to keep reading her books Saw some friends had given this one 5 stars so decided to take the plunge I loved it After five long years in federal prison, Griff Burkett is a free man But the disgraced Cowboys quarterback can never return to life as he knew it before he was caught cheating In a place where football is practically a religion, Griff committed a cardinal sin, and no one is forgiving. Enter stage left, Foster Speakman, owner and CEO of SunSouth Airlines, and his wife, Laura They have a proposition for Griff and, as he is down on his luck with little money and no job prospects, he accepts He was bored.And possibly for the first time in his life, lonely I d say Fuck you, lady , but I already did He wasn t as much of an alpha asshole as some of her other heroes His childhood had been tough He felt unworthy of love, I thought Time It had become his enemy There was no time to get bored with this one It seemed to be full on, all the way He stuffed his shirttail into ...

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    Play Dirty is another Sandra Brown winner for me Honestly, I didn t expect to enjoy it as much as I did I read the blurb, pieced a little bit together, and I wondered if this story was going to work for me Well, she did it again SB writes in such a way that she doesn t waste any time sucking you in and then as your turning the pages of each chapter she gives you these teasers that she so strategically strings you along with throughout the book I must say she really has perfected that talent If you have read my other reviews for her books you know that they are pretty vague I always worry that I am going to give away something that I shouldn t Read through the blurb SB gives you everything and only what you need to know.Griff Burkett had life by the balls But things began to spiral in a direction that left him condemned by the very people that looked up to him and who loved him He had done the unthinkable and was paying the price Laura Speakman had a happy life I guess, but maybe not really A decision was made Something happens And life as she knew it changed Moving on and coping wouldn t be easy What Griff, Laura and her husband Foster agreed to really wasn t an ideal situation for anyone involved but the end goal was beyond worth it for Laura and Foster Griff was really ambiguous about everything Secrecy was easy enough It is the unexpected that would mess with him Thin...

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    It s that time of the year again the SUPER BOWL Play Dirty was my pick for a football book to get ready for the game on Sunday Griff is the former Dallas Cowboy quarterback who has just been released from prison He did 5 years for his dirty playing on the football field He was being paid to throw games We meet Griff on his release day from prison Unfortunately, the city of Dallas has not forgotten how Griff disgraced himself and America s Team Right away the plot takes off because Griff has been offered a secret business proposal from an affluent couple the Speakmans They own an airline and are highly regarded in the community The business deal Mr Speakman offers Griff is one that will assure that Griff will never have to worry about money again BUT EVERYTHING MUST STAY BETWEEN THE THREE OF THEM If anyone finds out about this deal Griff will no longer collect his yearly million dollars Legally the deal is legit but morally it leaves Griff questioning his self worth At first the money appeals to him but as the task continues he is left feeling used...

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    Written March 21, 20154 1 2 Stars Stunning thrilling crime drama with a nice romantic twist I was really impressed by my first Sandra Brown novel Envy 4.7 stars just some week ago When I saw this 13 40 hrs audiobook for Audible sale 6.95 I couldn t resist Even this time narrated by the amazing fantastic Victor Slezak Just he alone is worth all those hours and Wow I liked a SB incredible muchagainQuite scary, fast paced, heartbreaking exciting All the time with a high quality well thought out plot I couldn t guess the journey to the end even if I tried If you like me enjoy crime novels as well as romances is this yet another one I dare to recommend you Play Dirty is set in a present times Dallas, U.S.It is most of all the story about the disgraced Cowboys football quarterback Griff Burkett who at last is a free man after some hard long years in federal prison Free but a lonely man without future or any friendsFive years ago was Griff caught cheating, a cardinal sin A sin no one is forgiving Not even all these years later He might have been the lucky goodlooking blond footballs star That s all forgotten now Without money, job, friends, relatives or a clue how to start a life again is it quite hopeless But maybe is there a possibility This adventure starts whe...

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    It s always a thrill when I embark into another Sandra Brown novel She writes compelling characters, thoughtful plotlines and has plenty of good twists to keep this suspense reader happy.Griff Burkett is fresh out of prison when he s asked to meet Foster Speakman and his wife Laura Griff went to prison for five years after being found guilty for taking payment by his bookies in exchange for forfeiting a game while he was the Dallas Cowboy s quarterback Everyone in Texas despises him for doing it and despite five years gone by, everyone still remembers what he did As Enemy 1 and without any of his football money which he lost before going to prison it s hard to find a new job offer When Speakman offers him money in exchange for performing a special service, first he thinks Foster is crazy but by the end of the night, he s agreeing to do what they want from him Laura Speakman loves her husband She will do anything he asks of her She will even do the crazy thing he s requesting from her At first, she doesn t trust or likes Griff but when she gets to know him, she s conflicted She realizes she has developed feelings for him She tries to severe her connection with him but then a murder brings them closer together.I had fun reading listening to Play Dirty It had plenty of suspense, an evil character to ha...

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    reread br with Amanda first read 2014Griff is unlike any other heroes in SB novels I have read.Is he a loser Yes.Is he an alpha No.Did he make bad decisions that changed his life for the worse Yes.Are MCs relatable No The romance Unusual No hearts and flowers.Pace Page turner.Surprisingly I really enjoyed reading this rather weird, a bit unrealistic story that hoo...

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    I couldn t put this book down I really liked it mostly I think because Griff was such a flawed person I liked that he went bad after having been given such a new start on life with his high school coach So many novels have them all turned around and on the straight and narrow never to stray again I get tired of shiny perfect heros all the time The only thing that bothered me is that he didn t seriously look for a job after getting out of prison He basically talked to one guy about a job I d have liked it better if he had beat the bushes a bit and tried sooner to straighten himself out and get an honest job But I guess the point was, he was always looking for the easy money Still ...

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    Sandra Brown s book are often a guarantee After several not so good books, finally a ood one I really enjoyed the twists and turns in the story I loved how everything matched andhow the love story developed There s a plain villain who I wanted to castrate , the undecover villain who I wanted to make tetraplegic , the wronged hero who I wanted to punch and the heroine coereced by her love to act in a very improper way WOW What...

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    3.5 starsCan t win em all I guess _ _ This was of a romance than it was a mystery or a suspense book Which would ve been fine if I was in the mood for it, but I really wasn t I knew from the get go that that guy was a complete and utter lunatic, so there went the Mystery. o...

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