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Between the Wall and the Fire Accidental Motorcycle Ninjitsu Demon Fights On The Bayou Caves Of Wonders Zombies Brothers At War A Knight With The Flaming Sword Of An Archangel Action, Adventure, True Love, And Chocolate One Of These Stories Is Even True.Between The Wall And The Fire A Collection Of Superversive Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories Celebrating Devotion To Family, Including The Stories Edge Soul Food A Ruby For Dyree On The Bayou S Edge Second Home, Second Chances Kingdoms Of Magic Brotherly Envy Henbit And Clovers Knight Of The Changeling Negev Life Began At Thirty Three

[Ebook] ↠ Between the Wall and the Fire  Author Russell S. Newquist – Pccare247.us
  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Between the Wall and the Fire
  • Russell S. Newquist
  • English
  • 20 October 2018
  • 9781533473912

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    Between the Wall and the Fire A collection of superversive science fiction and fantasy stories celebrating family devotion, including the stories If you have not come across the term superversive before, it describes a literary movement with an informal mission statement The goal of the Superversive is to bring hope, where there is no hope to bring courage, where without courage, hope would never be manifested The goal of the Superversive is to be light to a benighted world The goal of the Superversive is To tell the truth.So no stories where Captain America is actually a Hydra agent all along.Now this statement combined with a theme of family could provide some trepidation of syrupy message fiction Hammering in the point that Family is important like the endless Holiday movies on the Hallmark channel.That is totally not the case and the collection of stories within Between the Wall and the Fire are excellent stories on their own in the genre of SF and Urban Fantasy I enjoyed all the stories, but some stood out against even a solid collection.The collection starts out very strong with Edge by Russell S Newquist...

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    I am leaving this honest review in exchange for a free copy of this collection of stories.If you like rowdy first time biker Private Investigators who surround themselves with mythical cohorts with magical skills, you are sure to find yourself enjoying this book from the first word of the short story Edge A combination of stories, this book once again provides a great read for nearly everyone the stories are widely varied but appeal to a wide range of emotions that every being mythical or not can relate to While some of the stories might be slightly user friendly for Catholics than for the devout of other faiths, both on the Bayou s Edge and Knight of the Changeling address the courage and strength of the faithful, and are rewarding stories for believers, insightful for any reader Kingdoms of Magic will tug on the heartstrings, being a wonderful, imaginative, but bittersweet story of sibling love, and while...

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    Rather than sci fi as it is announced this is fantasy Of the ten stories in the book, just three can be considered sci fi, one of them very short, another six are fantasy The story I liked best was Kingdoms of magic, written by the editor, which in spite of its title is...

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    The collection is diverse in so many ways The overall theme is family devotion in the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre Each short story embarks on a personal journey, devising a wide range of emotions, from jealously, fear, commitment Each reconciles what it takes to overcome their obst...

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    This is the first of three books I received free of charge under the promise that I would review them.This book was pitched to me as a collection of subversive science fiction and fantasy which, despite what the prefix might lead you to believe, is a movement in the fantasy publishing spawned by G.R.R Martin s Game of Thrones and other books with a similar dark, gritty aesthetic Where Game of Thrones seems to punish acts of courage and to torment the characters who try to stand above the violence and cruelty of their world, subversive fiction strives for the opposite and to laud acts of heroism without descending into melodrama or cheesiness This concept is the driving force behind most of the stories in this book, so if that concept does not appeal to you then you would probably be better served reading something else Now for the actual reviewThe most important concern for this book is whether or not it fulfills the promise of subversive fiction and it does, in part Most of the stories do have acts of heroism, in a variety of forms, but a few of the stories were a little tragic than I was expecting and clashed with the book s promise.The prose for the book was generally decent,...

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