❆ Hex (Doc Savage, #37) kindle Epub ❤ Author Kenneth Robeson – Pccare247.us

Hex (Doc Savage, #37)From The Moment Miles Billings Arrived In A Little Town Near Salem Corners Called Witches Hollow, Hannah The Witch Began Her Reign Of Terror While Innocent People Were Being Hexed And Reduced To Mumbling Nonsense, The Man Of Bronze Went Into Action, Risking His Own Life And Those Of His Bold Allies Doc Savage Plunged Into Nightmare Horrors To Subdue The Most Terrifying Master Of Crime Alive.

❆ Hex (Doc Savage, #37) kindle Epub ❤ Author Kenneth Robeson – Pccare247.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Hex (Doc Savage, #37)
  • Kenneth Robeson
  • 01 July 2019
  • 9783553047074

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    Doc Savage and team find themselves caught up in a mysterious adventure involving witches and other supernatural phenomena near Salem Corners Soon, people are hexed and speaking gibberish, including several of Doc s own associates Millionaires are being targeted for major thefts, including a good friend of Doc s But rest assured, Doc is on the case and ready to utilize all his gadgets, innovative methods, and considerable fighting prowess to get to the bottom of what is really going on.This 39th Doc Savage adventure as the Bantam reprint editions number them , was first published in 1939 and is the second installment written by William Bogart and is a definite improvement over his previous effort, World s Fair Goblin He would go on to write a total of 14 Doc novels Bogart was a prolific writer of short stories for the pulps Many were used as backup stories to fill out issues of Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Avenger but he never seemed to make it big He wrote a number of mystery novels, most featuring a private eye named Johnny Saxon It is for Johnny Saxon that ...

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    Based on all the collective Bantam edition cover art, you wouldn t be amiss in wondering if Doc Savage should lay off the fancy devices and try to invent a rip proof shirt.

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    The first Doc Savage story appeared in 1933 and the series ran in pulp and later digest format into 1949 Bantam reprinted the entire series in paperback with wonderful, iconic covers starting in the 1960 s Doc was arguably the first great modern superhero with a rich background, continuity, and mythos The characterizations were far richer than was common for the pulps his five associates and their sometimes auxiliary, Doc s cousin Pat, and the pets Chemistry and Habeas Corpus, all had very distinctive characteristics and their byplay was frequently entertaining that the current adventure of the month The settings were also fascinating Doc s Fortress of Solitude, the Hidalgo Trading Company which served as a front for his armada of vehicles , and especially the mysterious 86th floor headquarters a...

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    Of all the pulp era heroes few stand out above the crowd, Doc Savage is one of these With his 5 aides and cousin he adventures across the world Fighting weird menaces, master criminals and evil scientists Doc and the Fab 5 ...

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    A Halloween issue of Doc Savage magazine Engineers working on a new highway near Salem start going mad, including Doc Savage s sidekick Rennie When Doc investigates, witches with spooky names the Screeching Lady of the March multiply.It s rea...

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    read in summer 1969

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    Starts out well but rapidly gets silly I saved this one for too long and looked forward to it too much, I suppose.

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    Definitely one of the stranger of Doc s adventures Weird actually 5 for nostalgia though.

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