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Keep the Line Moving A Reluctant Gang Bang Short StoryHallie Really Likes Tristan, And It Takes Forever Before He Finally Invites Her To A Party, But This Party Isn T Like Any Other Tristan Arrives And Enjoys Some Heavy Petting With Tristan, But Before She Knows It, She S Dragged To The Center Of The Room, And A Whole Gang Of Men Begin To Explore Her Mouth, Her Pussy, And Her Ass It Doesn T Matter To Any Of Them That She S Reluctant She Will Endure Forced Deepthroat, Forced Semen Swallowing, Forced Anal Sex, And Forced Double Penetration The Really Important Thing, Though, Is That She Ll Enjoy Every Part Of It Warning This Ebook Contains Explicit Descriptions Of Sexual Activity Including Reluctant Sex, Forced Deep Throat, Forced Semen Swallowing, Forced Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Double Penetration, And Gang Bang Sex It Is Intended For Mature Readers Who Will Not Be Offended By Graphic Depictions Of Sexual Acts Between Consenting Adults.

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    The writing of the first half deserves 4 stars, but I am giving it 2 stars for the overall effect did it get me hot, did this fantasy excite me As I said the first half of this short by Regina Ransom, the set up, was very well written It really gets into the head of the lead female character and her borderline obsession desire with a man who so far hasn t given her the time of day When he does finally acknowledge her, she accepts an invitation to his home where he and 8 friends are waiting to greet her.The actual gang bang is written to reflect the title Keep The Line Moving the individual acts are short and without much description I won t write because if this is your genre you may want to read it yourself I will add this, in the end Regina Ransom does a lovely, subtle job of returning us again to the head of the female lead And it is heartbreaking to witness the character s self esteem issues.Sadly, in reviews I have read elsewhere, the readers, most of whom wished for a different ending, didn t quite get that it wasn t the male lead who was the problem, but rather the damaged female lead And if I am to assume that many of these commenters were females, then that saddens me.It is possible Ms Ransom s intentions were exactly what these other commenters wrote, but as an erotica author myself, I seem to think she was headed in another direction, one that the readers didn t quite get.While this short didn t get me excited, it did make me an admire of Ms Ransom s ability to draw a multi dimensional, damaged, female character and Ransom s skill level suggests she is writing than just shorts somewhere, under some name, and I would be interested in seeing those.Simone NoelleErotic Author

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    Hallie had had the hots for Tristan since High School Finally he has noticed her He invites her to a private pparty.What she doesn t realsie is she is the star guest, the only girl.Having dressed specially for the party Tristan takes her into the tent by the pool and removes her dress and panties and then his 8 friends join them.All 8 friends enjoy her sexually At first she is afraid but she begins to enjoy.After tthing is okay.he ordeal ends the men walk out leaving her alone with Tristian As he holds her he tells her he thinks she is beautiful and every

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    The catchy title, Keep the Line Moving and use of it in the story repeated over and over made the story slightly interesting but could not make it worth reading Ransom writes disturbing gang bang stories and this one is no different The ending could be improved.

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