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And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality, #7)In Pursuit Of The Ultimate GoodAfter An Overwhelming Succession Of Tragedies, Life Has Finally, Mercifully Ended For Orlene, Once Mortal Daughter Of Gaea.Joined In Afterlife By Jolie Her Protector And The Sometime Consort Of Satan Himself Together They Seek Out A Third Vita, A Very Contemporary Mortal With Troubles, Attractions, And An Unsettling Moral Code Uniquely Her Own.An Extraordinary Triumvirate, They Embark On A Great Quest To Reawaken The Incarnation Of Good In A World Where Evil Reigns Facing Challenges That Will Test The Very Fiber Of Their Beings With Trials As Numerous, As Mysterious, And As Devastating As The Incarnations Themselves.

[Read] ➵ And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality, #7) By Piers Anthony – Pccare247.us
  • Paperback
  • 378 pages
  • And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality, #7)
  • Piers Anthony
  • English
  • 04 May 2019
  • 9780380752867

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    I used to love reading Piers Anthony I started in the mid eighties, reading all of the Xanth, Blue Adept and Incarnations of Immortality series Somewhere around book 14 of Xanth, I got sort of a creepy feeling reading his books The stories seemed to focus and on panties and young teens discovering sex in a very childlike manner The final Blue adept book made me uncomfortable for the same reasons However, this book blew me away One of the characters in the book was a judge in his mid 50s He takes a 12 year old prostitute and has her live at his house He writes several paragraphs about struggling with being sexually attracted to her Then he writes several paragraphs justifying his attraction even though it is illegal, he was a judge AND she was put into his home for protective custody so she would not be in sexual situations with adults It reminded me of some writings I ve seen for NAMBLA And then he decides that they can have a consensual sexual relationship And the...

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    There were a few things to love about this book the concept behind it, its thought provoking nature at times, and several great scenes The problem is that there were too many bad things offensively bad things to count I say this as a lifelong Piers Anthony fan I read with enthusiasm all the biographical Author s Notes from this series, and I remember him fondly as the famous author who responded to a letter from my sister in the mid 80s with a thoughtful critique of the short story she wrote and sent her personal advice on how to make it as a writer The lost potential made me even angrier at the end of the book than I would have been if it had no redeeming qualities.This book makes clear Piers Anthony s strange obsession with underage girls There s something wrong when you write up the character of a middle aged man who falls in love and repeatedly has sex with a 15 year old girl and have every other character try to justify this by saying age is just a construct, and they re really in love In Lolita, the story was at least presented without glorifying pedophilia instead, it seemed designed to make you feel uncomfortable by following the point of view of a very flawed villainous figure and showing the damage that resulted from the violation of trust ...

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    So I read this when I was about fifteen, and I learned that men who don t rape women are automatically noble creatures because it s really hard not to rape Once I start taking testosterone I ll let you know if I get a sudden urge to go around raping people, but I m ...

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    A big disappointment, especially coming on the heels of Being a Green Mother and For Love of Evil, either of which would have made fine finishes to the series the former being the original ending, these last two added later Anthony really began to add complexity to his depiction of Satan over the course of the series, and he made each of his Incarnations entertaining to meet and follow along However, throughout, his depiction of God and Heaven was quite unsympathetic I expected he might do with this book as he did with For Love of Evil, that is, surprise the reader with a sympathetic, nuanced depiction of God Perhaps he might even have shown God s love and intervention working throughout in ways so subtle the other characters were missing it all along, the way he up ended readers expectations with his examination of Satan in the previous work In fact, the Incarnation of Night ends up as the subtle character, and might have played a great God except without all the sex Alas, no, Anthony s atheism wins out and his depiction of God and Heaven is as ne...

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    I ve read this book a few times over the years, and I ll state the same thing at the beginning of reviewing all the I of I books this is a re read, and the first time reviewing the books I m reviewing all of the books after I finished re reading the entire series, which I don t normally do didn t do deliberately this time, either read in 2016, but I m counting this as a 2017 book since I m finally reviewing it now This book falls a little flat for me, though it has lots of Satan bits with keeps things interesting Orlene just isn t a very loveable character for me but I love Jolie, and you end up really cheering for Vita though her love affair with the Judge, who s twice her age, throws me for a loop or five The love affair, for Piers Anthony anyway, is relatively well done, though really, why couldn t Piers have written the man to be ten years younger so the story line still fits, but the love affair isn t quite so eww The series does really wrap up in this book though, and mostly ties up all the loose ends, and definitely brings together all of the other books, but there s just so much I d really like to know, that the book doesn t answer Mainly, what happens next to Orlene and the world at the end of book 7 I m really always let down at the end of this book, bec...

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    Was awful The trashy cover is actually an accurate depiction of the storyline I still cant believe this awesome series ended so badly, I still have trouble believing Piers actually even wrote this I think he has issue with believable female characters

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    Replace God Awesome idea Kudos to you, Piers.

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    Back in high school, this used to be my favorite of the Incarnations series Re reading it now, it has lost some of its luster, but it was still a favorite re read for me.This book centers around Orlene, who committed suicide after the death of her baby son, Gaw Two, which we saw in Book 2 of the series With the help of Jolie, Satan s first wife, and Vita, the singer from book 5, who is apparently now a whore on a drug known as Spelled H and somewhat inappropriately attracted to a much older man who definitely should know better, Orlene defies her assent to heaven to search for her son Then she finds out that Nox, the Incarnation of Night, has taken him and the only way to get the child from her is to go do as Nox requires and seek out each Incarnation, and ask for their favor Though she is related or connected to each Incarnation, this is not going to be as easy as it seems.The book takes a somewhat different route than the first five Rather than Orlene taking up the Office of Good and battling it out with Satan, it instead focuses on her trying to save her baby and the state of the world and the seeming absence of tha...

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    Let me start with this I had already resolved to give this novel no than 2.5 stars The fact that I have bestowed an additional half a star has to do with how well the book redeemed itself once reaching Chapter 12 Mind you, there are only 14 chapters The first 11 chapters really feel like an exploration of Mr Anthony s views on sexuality and morality rather than a story of entertainment for its readers It just did not mesh There were certain points interspersed throughout the first 11 chapters that were worthwhile, but they were truly rare Chapter 12 brings Evil into the fold and that is where the story becomes truly structured and enjoyable It s like reading something from a legitimate author Who wouldn t love that So, I d recommend this book for the simple fact that it contains three great chapters at the end There is one book left in the series focusing on the Incarnation of Night, Nox I will read it sinc...

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    The ghost of Jolie, the ghost of Orlene, and a 14 year old drug addicted prostitute named Vita try to save Orlene s child, Gawain II Nox the incarnation of night promises to help but needs some items of great power from all the other incarnations In their journey they find that definitions of good and e...

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